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 Minutes for May 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting 
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Post Minutes for May 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting
Mid State of Ohio Kart Club
Board of Directors Meeting
May 21, 2009
Station House 81 – Commercial Point, Ohio

Call to Order – Paul Lyda called the meeting to order at 7:12 PM. Paul Lyda distributed an agenda to ‘help’ guide the discussions.

Attendance – In attendance were:

Paul Lyda – Member / President
J.L. Clark – Member / Vice President
Greg Wilkinson – Member / Treasurer
Bo Strawser – Member
Bob Strawser – Member
Mike Yoerger – Member
Charlie Hughes – Alternate
Joe Foley - Alternate
Bob McConnell - Visitor
Austin Queen – Visitor
Rick Queen – Visitor
Frank Oyer – Visitor / Webmaster

There were a total of 11 present, including six regular board members and two alternates; therefore a quorum was present.

Apologies for Absence – Those who indicated they were unable to attend the meeting were:

Bill Bruce – Member / Secretary
Mike Brannon – Member / Sponsorship Director
Steve Tatman – Member
Mike Unger – Member

Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the April 16, 2009, MSOKC Board of Directors meeting were approved as written. Motion – JL Clark, Second – Bo Strawser, Vote – Unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report – Greg Wilkinson gave a brief summary of the financial position of the club. He indicated that a total of 68 membership applications had been received for the 2009 season and that many more racers have yet to become a member.

Sponsorship Coordinator’s Report – Paul Lyda stated that all sponsor banners have been put into place and that Bo Strawser volunteered to better secure some so that they look nice for the Great Lakes Sprint Series event at Circleville Raceway Park this weekend. Mike Brannon was not in attendance; however, he had indicated to Paul Lyda that no additional sponsors had been secured (ACTION 1).


Review Action Items from Previous Meeting:

– Paul Lyda to discuss website improvements with Frank Oyer. Paul indicated that this was done. Frank confirmed.

– J.L. Clark was to discuss sponsorship banners with Paul Lyda. Done.

– Greg Wilkinson was to secure office supplies for Race No. 1 and beyond. Done.

Posting of Championship Points on Website – Frank Oyer advised that he is keying from the final tower result sheets and that the results for Race Nos. 1 and 2 are posted on the site. Race No. 3 results still need to be posted. Steve Tatman indicated that, after Race No. 3, he would produce the points result sheets. That still needs done and then handed off to Frank Oyer (ACTION 2). Attention needs to be paid to post race DQ’s as two engines were DQ’ed in post race tech after Race No. 3 (D. Milless and M. Davis) and one kart was DQ’ed for non-spec tires at the scale house (J. Martin). These DQ’s are not indicated on MyLaps. It was also noted that MyLaps has some races listed by fastest lap and not by finishing order.


Preparations for Race No. 4 – Paul Lyda led a discussion regarding Registration, Tower, Corner Workers, Trophies, and the new format of a standing start (F1-style):

– Registration and Tower are coming along in the learning curve and running more smoothly

– It was decided that prior to the first heat race at the next event, a meeting of the Race Director, Head Flagman and all corner workers will be held and lead by J.L. Clark to ensure that all are aware of the expectations and responsibilities of their positions. (ACTION 3)

– At the Drivers Meeting, it was decided that the Head Flagman should address the drivers on how the standing starts will occur. The existing starting blocks painted on the track will be used for all. All three heats are to have a standing start. Race Director and Head Flagman have final call if it is deemed to be too dangerous for future heats.

– Trophies for the Junior, Rookie Box, and Sportsman classes need to be evaluated and ordered. It was stated that there are some trophies in the registration trailer closet and in the main room. Upon taking inventory, trophies (and or engraved plates) need to be ordered for the remainder of the season. Greg Wilkinson will take responsibility for Trophies (ACTION 4).

Unsportsmanlike Conduct in Pits and on Track – Paul Lyda led a discussion regarding events that have transpired in the pits and on the track.

– On Track – discussed was some activity that has transpired. It will be discussed at the next drivers meeting that any behavior will not be tolerated and racers will be reminded of the consequences (ACTION 5).

– In Pits – discussed was some activity that has transpired in the Pits that was public enough for others to see and hear and be concerned enough to report it. Again this will be discussed at the next drivers meeting that any such behavior will not be tolerated and racers will be reminded of the consequences (ACTION 5). It was decided that if any BoD member observers this behavior they are to consult with the President or Vice President and they will approach the individual to remind them of the rules and possible consequences. If it is the President or Vice President that observes it, they are to consult with the other prior to any action.

Yamaha Junior and Sportsman Yamaha Classes – Concern over performance differences – Paul Lyda led a discussion regarding a submittal from two club members that would like to see a change for qualifying only or for a 106% rule established that would put the slower karts on the tail of the field at the start until they are up to speed. Discussion centered on existing rules in the GCRs which indicate that it is the responsibility of the overtaking driver to execute a ‘clean’ pass. The GCRs also require an ‘X’ on the helmet for the first 2 race days and require that karter to start on the tail. It was decided that current rules are sufficient and that the drivers should be reminded at the drivers meeting that they can start on the tail if they feel that they are not up to speed. Additionally, a race official (Race Director or Head Flagman) may request that a karter start at the rear if they feel that the karter is a hazard to others (ACTION 6).

TaG Class Weights – Paul Lyda led a discussion regarding any needed changes in weights for the TaG class. This was included in the agenda as the result of a BoD decision over this past winter that, after three events, we would evaluate and decide if any changes are warranted. After much discussion of the results, a motion to leave the weights as is was made by Bob Strawser and seconded by J.L. Clark. Vote – Seven in favor, one abstention (Bo Strawser) – Motion passed.

Tire Discussion / Discontinuation of Bridgestone YHC’s – Bob McConnell led a discussion regarding WKA move to allow YKC compound along with YHC compound beginning July 1, 2009. The YKC is replacing the YHC in the Bridgestone lineup. It was stated that MaxSpeed has two complete sets of YHC's and Strawser Racing has approximately six sets. They are still available but it is expected that they may be harder to come by in late June. It was also stated that prices for YKC’s will be equal to that of YHC’s. Motion to follow WKA July 1 date to allow either compound – Bo Strawser, Second – Charlie Hughes, Vote – seven in favor, one opposed JL Clark – Motion passed.

Next Meeting – The next board meeting will take place Thursday, June 18, 2009, beginning at 7:00 PM at Station House 81 in Commercial Point, Ohio.

Actions – The following is a list of action items from the meeting:

1. Bo Strawser to tidy up the sponsor banners the weekend of May 22, 2009.

2. Steve Tatman to provide Race No. 3 result sheets to Frank Oyer.

3. JL Clark to lead a discussion with Race Director, Head Flagman and Corner Workers prior to Race No. 4.

4. Greg Wilkinson to inventory and order needed Trophies.

5. Paul Lyda to remind all drivers that Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be acceptable on the track or in the pits by them or any member of their crew.

6. Paul Lyda to announce at drivers meeting that all new drivers have to start on the tail for two events. After that time, they can still start on the tail if they feel it necessary or a race official may ask them to start at the back if they are seen as a hazard to others.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:22 PM.

Paul Lyda / President (on behalf of Bill Bruce / Secretary)
MSOKC Board of Directors

Bruce Brothers Racing

Mon May 25, 2009 6:23 pm
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