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 Minutes for June 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting 
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Post Minutes for June 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting
Mid State of Ohio Kart Club
Board of Directors Meeting
June 18, 2009
Station House 81 – Commercial Point, Ohio

Call to Order – Paul Lyda called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. He then distributed an agenda.

Attendance – In attendance were:

Bill Bruce – Member / Secretary
JL Clark – Member / Vice President
Joe Foley – Alternate
Charlie Hughes – Alternate
Paul Lyda – Member / President
PJ Lyda – Visitor
Rick Queen – Visitor
Bo Strawser – Member
Bob Strawser – Member
Mike Unger – Member
Greg Wilkinson – Member / Treasurer
Mike Yoerger – Member

There were a total of 12 present, including eight regular board members and two alternates; therefore a quorum was present.

Apologies for Absence – Those who indicated they were unable to attend the meeting were:

Mike Brannon – Member / Sponsorship Director
Steve Tatman – Member

Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the May 21, 2009, MSOKC Board of Directors meeting were approved as written. Motion – JL Clark, Second – Bo Strawser, Vote – Unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report – Greg Wilkinson gave a brief summary of the financial position of the club. He indicated that the level of participation in 2009 is a bit down from 2008 (e.g., 56 karts for Race No. 5). He also indicated that the participation at other nearby clubs (e.g., OVKA, KRA) is even further down. As a result, the finances are a bit behind where they were last year but are generally strong. He also reported that track worker payout and registration were going well.

Sponsorship Coordinator’s Report – Paul Lyda indicated that Mike Brannon’s continued participation was questionable, as his equipment is for sale and he has missed the last few board meetings. He expressed confidence that Mike would follow through with his banquet organizing responsibilities, however.


Review of Action Items from Previous Meeting:

- Bo Strawser to tidy up the sponsor banners the weekend of May 22, 2009 – Done.

- Steve Tatman to provide Race No. 3 result sheets to Frank Oyer – done and posted.

- JL Clark to lead a discussion with Race Director, Head Flagman and Corner Workers prior to Race No. 4 – Done. J.L Clark indicated that he would continue to do this prior to each race.

- Greg Wilkinson to inventory and order needed Trophies – Done. Bill Bruce indicated that he had donated approximately 30 trophies back to the club.

- Paul Lyda to remind all drivers that Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be acceptable on the track or in the pits by them or any member of their crew – Done. Bob Strawser indicated that a reminder to the Jr. SuperCan class was required to pay closer attention to (i.e., slow down for) yellow flag conditions during Race No. 5.

- Paul Lyda to announce at drivers meeting that all new drivers have to start on the tail for two events. After that time, they can still start on the tail if they feel it necessary or a race official may ask them to start at the back if they are seen as a hazard to others – Done. It was agreed that his should be reiterated at the drivers meeting for each race.

Posting of Championship Points on Website – Paul Lyda indicated that Frank Oyer would have the championship points updated by the end of the week.

Number of Race Laps – It was agreed during a board meeting last year that classes with 10 or more karts would get an 8-8-10 lap race format as opposed to a 6-6-10 format. This change was not made in the General Competition Rules however. It was agreed that this practice should continue and Paul Lyda agreed to update the GCRs (ACTION 1). Mike Unger suggested that, since finishing time has not been an issue this season, all classes should get an 8-8-10 lap format for non-night race events. Paul Lyda indicated that the Kid Karts should get more than a 3-3-5 lap format – i.e., a 4-4-6 lap format. J.L Clark agreed with both suggestions and indicated that, since Race Nos. 6 and 7 are night races, this policy should be implemented beginning with Race No. 8 on July 26, 2009. Motion – Bill Bruce, Second – Bo Strawser, Vote – unanimously approved.


Preparations for Race No. 6 – Bob Strawser indicated that both he (Race Director) and Ryan Strawser (Head Flagman) would be absent for Race no. 6. He indicated that Steve Tatman would be Head Flagman and that J. L Clark would be Race Director. Mile Unger offered to fill in when JL Clark races and would do Safety Tech if Bob McConnell was unavailable.

Registration and Scoring – Greg Wilkinson indicated that it was imperative that disqualifications and the reason for disqualification be posted on MyLaps so that championship points could be accurately determined. Paul Lyda agreed to provide the necessary information for Race Nos. 1 through 5 to Frank Oyer (ACTION 2).

Disqualifications from Race No. 5 – Paul Lyda indicated that there had been two post-race technical disqualifications in Race No. 5, both of which were related to ignition timing on Yamaha engines. One of these disqualifications was protested. Paul Lyda indicated that arrangements had been made to have this engine inspected by WKA at the Gold Cup Event at G & J Kartway in Camden, Ohio, during the weekend of July 3-5, 2009. The cost to the club for this is $100.

Preparations for Hog Roast – Bob Strawser indicated that the vendor who had supplied the main course last year had agreed to do it again this year for the same price. Greg Wilkinson agreed to check on the amount from last year (ACTION 3). Charlie Hughes asked if the arrangements would be the same as before with assignments being given to various classes for drinks, side dishes, etc. JL Clark indicated that the assignment for desserts should be given to a big class.

Preparations for Yamaha ToughMan 225 Endurance Race – Mike Unger suggested that the $500 that was spent on advertising last year should be added to the purse in 2009 and that advertizing should focus on forum postings and promotion at other events like the Commercial Point Grand Prix. Mike Unger agreed to ask Greyson Eves to post announcements on the relevant forums (ACTION 4). Paul Lyda indicated that the first place sponsor would again be Ricart Automotive Group, second place would be Circleville Raceway Park, and third place would be Strawser Racing. The entry fee would again be $100 per team. The first place prize money was discussed and it was agreed that instead of raising the first place prize from $500 to $750, a pay back schedule that starts at $500 and pays back to fifth place should be devised. After some discussion, it was agreed that the prize money should be should be $500 for first, $350 for second, $250 for third, $200 for fourth, and $100 for fifth. Motion – Joe Foley, Second – Bo Strawser, Vote – unanimously approved.

Another Standing Start Race in 2009 – Bill Bruce suggested that, because of the popularity of the initial event, one of the remaining events in the 2009 season should be another standing start format race. Joe Foley questioned the spacing of the current starting grid. Mike Unger suggested that participants are not learning anything new since other series use rolling starts. Greg Wilkinson and Bo Strawser indicated that, if another standing start format race were to take place, the TaG class should be allowed to use rolling starts because of clutch issues. JL Clark agreed to take an informal poll at an up-coming drivers meeting (ACTION 5).

Post-Race Technical Inspection – Mike Unger suggested that post-race technical inspection should be a bit less rigorous that it had been to-date this season. For example, simple items should be checked first and complete teardowns should be required only occasionally. He also suggested that any year-end funds should be earmarked for the purchase of inspection tools for the club.

Open Practice Sessions/Post-Race Rental Karts – Safety during pre-race open practice sessions and post-race rental kart sessions was discussed. It was agreed that closer attention needs to be paid to separating karts by age group and speed during these sessions.

Next Meeting – The next board meeting will take place Thursday, July 16, 2009, beginning at 7:00 PM at Station House 81 in Commercial Point, Ohio. Bill Bruce indicated that he would be on a family vacation and could not attend.

Actions – The following is a list of action items from the meeting:

1. Paul Lyda to update the GCRs with number of laps for classes with 10 or more participants.

2. Paul Lyda agreed to provide disqualification information to Frank Oyer for Race Nos. 1 through 5.

3. Greg Wilkinson to check on amount for Hog Roast main course from last year.

4. Mike Unger to ask Greyson Eves to post Yamaha ToughMan 225 Endurance Race announcements on relevant forums.

5. JL Clark to take an informal poll at an up-coming drivers meeting regarding another standing start race in 2009.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:20 PM.

Bill Bruce
MSOKC Board of Directors

Bruce Brothers Racing

Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:16 am
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