Minutes for August 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting
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Post subject:  Minutes for August 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting

Mid State of Ohio Kart Club
Board of Directors Meeting
August 20, 2009
Station House 81 – Commercial Point, Ohio

Call to Order – Paul Lyda called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM. He apologized for the delayed start and distributed an agenda.

Attendance – In attendance were:

Bill Bruce – Member / Secretary
JL Clark – Member / Vice President
Paul Lyda – Member / President
Steve Tatman – Member
Bo Strawser – Member
Mike Unger – Member
Lois Vance – Visitor
Greg Wilkinson – Member / Treasurer
Mike Yoerger – Member

There were a total of nine present, including eight regular board members and no alternates; therefore, a quorum was present.

Apologies for Absence – Those who indicated they were unable to attend the meeting were:

Mike Brannon – Member / Sponsorship Director
Bob Strawser – Member

Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the July 16, 2009, MSOKC Board of Directors meeting were approved as written. Motion – JL Clark, Second – Bo Strawser, Vote – Unanimously approved.

Feedback from Race No. 9 – It was the consensus of those who were present that the standing start format used for Race No. 9 was again an unqualified success. There were a significant number of entries for Race No. 9 as well (78 karts). The problem with the AMB timing and scoring system, which resulted in a protest that was upheld, was discussed. The need for making sure that disqualifications are communicated to Dolly Matheny in the scoring tower and recorded as notes on MyLaps was also discussed. This includes disqualifications on the track, at the scale house (tires or weight), and in post-race tech inspection. Greg Wilkinson agreed to discuss this with Dolly Matheny (ACTION 1).

Treasurers Report – Greg Wilkinson gave a brief summary of the financial position of the club. He indicated the financial position of the club is a bit behind where it was last year but is generally strong.

Sponsorship Coordinator’s Report – Since Mike Brannon was not present, no report was given.


Review of Action Items from Previous Meeting:

1. Greg Wilkinson to determine Hog Roast cost for the club – Done. Greg Wilkinson reported the cost for the pork roast entrée and confirmed that the arrangements with the caterer had been made.

2. Mike Unger to work with Greyson to post announcements for Yamaha ToughMan 225 Endurance Race on the forums – Done. Mike Unger indicated that he had resurrected and revised the flyer from last year and had made plans to begin distributing it.

3. Greg Wilkinson to work with Frank Oyer to determine proper points and get them updated. See discussion below.

4 Mike Unger to brainstorm games for the Hog Roast – Done. See discussion below.

5. Greg Wilkinson to reinstate points for Austin Queen and Nick Goodfleisch from disqualifications in post-race tech inspection during Race No. 5. See discussion below.

Posting of Championship Points on Website – Greg Wilkinson indicated that he and Frank Oyer were supposed to get together to sort out the championship points prior to the meeting, but prior commitments prevented this from taking place. He indicated that revised plans had been made and that the points would be updated in the next week or so (ACTION 2). The need get this done as soon as possible was emphasized, as the end of the season is getting near.

Preparations for Hog Roast and Race No. 10 on September 5, 2009 – Mike Unger presented his ideas for games at the Hog Roast. Prizes for the games that were selected were also discussed. Steve Tatman agreed to provide a large aluminum container full of adult beverage and some means of extracting said beverage. Bill Bruce indicated that he would supply the movie screen and would contact Joe Redmond about providing an LCD projector (ACTION 3). Paul Lyda agreed to develop a list of what items to bring (e.g., side dishes, desserts, chips, etc.) by class (ACTION 4). Paul Lyda also indicated that the club would provide all of the necessary paper products this year. It was agreed that everyone should be responsible for their own beverages. Details for a Powder Puff race in the rental karts were discussed. It was agreed that this event should be open to any female non-regular (no competitive races in the past two years) kart racer. The entry fee will be $10 and the winner will receive a Charles Penzone gift card.

Rain Date/Fun Event on September 5, 2009 – Possible activities for the day following the Hog Roast, in the event that the rain date is not needed, were discussed. Because of the general need to conserve equipment late in the season, it was agreed that a low level of participation would be expected if a competitive non-points event were to be held. The possibility of a consistency run, which would consist of a single three-lap qualifying session only, was discussed. Instead of the winner being the fastest time, the winner would be the kart with the smallest variation in lap time (lowest standard deviation) over the three-lap run. Concern about participation even for this was expressed. In the end, it wad agreed that no event would be held if the rain date is not needed.

Preparations for Yamaha ToughMan 225 Endurance Race – For this event, which is scheduled for October 18, 2009, it was agreed that this should remain a one day event opposed to having the qualifying session on Saturday. A 30 lap Sportsman Yamaha event and a 30 lap Yamaha Junior event will be included as will the MSOKC Race of Champions in the rental karts.


MSOKC Banquet – Paul Lyda indicated that he was beginning to collect photographs for the slide show at the banquet, which is scheduled for Saturday, January 9, 2010.

New Computer for AMB Timing and Scoring System – Steve Tatman suggested that the computer for the AMB timing and scoring system was in need of an update. It was suggested that Roger Veach, who provided the current computer, might be willing to provide an updated one (ACTION 5).

Entry Fee for Rookie Box Class – It was agreed that, as long as the Rookie Box class continues to be combined with the Kid Kart class (reduced number of laps), the entry fee for Rookie Box should be the same as that for Kid Karts. Motion – Mike Unger, Second – Bo Strawser, Vote – unanimously approved.

Club-Spec Tires for 2010 – Mike Unger suggested that, since little benefit to the club was being gained by requiring the use of Bridgestone tires, other options for 2010 should be considered. He suggested the MG ‘Red’ tire for the Sportsman Yamaha class since this is the tire required by national and regional series’ for this class. Bill Bruce indicated that Rocky Johnson had suggested the MG ‘Yellow’ tire for use in 2010. The idea of limiting tire usage to a maximum of four sets per season was discussed. It was agreed that this would be difficult to police. This topic was tabled until the next meeting (ACTION 6).

Next Meeting – The next board meeting will take place Thursday, August 17, 2009, beginning at 7:00 PM at Station House 81 in Commercial Point, Ohio. Bill Bruce indicated that he would be out of the country on business and could not attend.

Actions – The following is a list of action items from the meeting:

1. Greg Wilkinson agreed to discuss communication and recording of disqualifications with Dolly Matheny.

2. Greg Wilkinson and Frank Oyer to sort out and update championship points.

3. Bill Bruce to supply the movie screen and contact Joe Redmond about providing LCD projector for Hog Roast.

4. Paul Lyda to develop list by class of what items to bring to Hog Roast

5. Steve Tatman to contact Roger Veach about a new computer for AMB timing and scoring system.

6. Board of Directors to discuss club-spec tires for 2010 at September 2009 board meeting.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:40 PM. Motion – JL Clark, Second – Bo Strawser, Vote – unanimously approved.

Bill Bruce
MSOKC Board of Directors

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