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 Minutes of Nov. BOD mtg 

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Post Minutes of Nov. BOD mtg
Nov. 22, 2014
Minutes – MSOKC BOD Meeting

A. Admin . Meeting held at Chris Ianniello’s home.
(1.) In attendance: . 1. Chris Ianniello (Pres.)
2. John Fox ( VP ) 3. Bill Davis ( Sec ) 4. Mike Yoerger 5. Greg Wilkinson 8. Mike Davis Absent: 1.Eric Fagan , 2. Alt. Brent Odson. 3. Austin Queen . 4. Butch McCall 5. Kate Mays ( Treas ), 6. Steve Schobert Guests: 1. Matt Davis 2. Brandon Dutton.
(2) Treasure’s Report . Not available assumed same as last month plus $20 deposit for shirt sales.
(3) Sept. minutes approved .

B. Old business
1. Committee Reportouts:
a. MSOKC T shirts .
Sold $20. Still $10 sale price. three for $20.
2. track insurance Open.
3. Banquet Sunday, Jan 11 at China Bell. John Fox and Austin Queen, chairmen.
4. Next Year No One from CRP was able to attend this rescheduled meeting ( so attendance was somewhat optional ) so the club was able to discuss only what has been conveyed at previous discussions with CRP personnel. Specifically; CRP intends to offer a racing series and operate the track. John Fox has drawn up a schedule and offered it to Eric. MSOKC’s WebMaster has offered his service at a nominal fee which includes lease of the server. Members of MSOKC will continue to support CRP by attending races and helping with track maintenance
5. MSOKC, next year.
Since CRP plans to operate the race activities next year, it was discussed that the Club would continue to exist but only as a social group. MSOKC would continue to have monthly gatherings. The Treasury would continue in operation and the Club assets, mainly well over $1000 in gages would be maintained. The WebSite would continue with essentially the same format and information with all Forums including Classified but without race info, points, schedule, GRC’s, and ByLaws. There would be a nominal membership fee mainly to pay for the Website.

C. New business
1. CRP has scheduled a WKA Gold Cup Race next season.
2. Bill stated that Rick Chapman, the President of the Indian Valley Kart Club ( home track, Adkins Raceway ) informed him that the Adkins track resurfacing is nearing completion ( progress can be followed on the Adkins Facebook page ) . Rick mentioned that in addition to their club racing at Adkins, he and Randy Kugler ( past WKA President ) want to start an Ohio State champion series. Participating tracks would be (1) Adkins, (2) CRP, (3) Wilmington, (4) Camden, (5) Fremont, and (6) Thompson .
Along the lines of USAC, NASCAR, IndyCar, etc., Bill suggested to call the series the “OSAC” (Ohio State Asphalt Champ) series. Bill spread the word to Elmer at Wilmington and Ray at OVKA.
Regarding scheduling, he suggested to Rick that the OSAC events use the concept that the Dart Kart Club schedules their events; i.e. that they are concurrent with / in concert with WKA Road Race events. The races are scheduled at a hosting tracks’/clubs’ existing race as opposed to scheduling at their “off” dates. This would conform with Camden, since their owner will not entertain any additional race dates.
Example: OSAC Race 1 ( May ) would be at Adkins in May. OSAC race 2 ( June ) would be at a CRP race in June. OSAC race 3 ( July ) would be in Wilmington in July. OSAC Race 4 ( Aug. ) would be at a Camden/OVKA race in Aug., .etc, etc.
To jump start the series and to introduce it and gain interest, you wouldn't have to travel to or attend all six races. i.e. Racers could drop or not even attend 3 of the 6 races
OSAC would have nominal membership dues, Points system, a WebSite, Awards banquet, and possible sponsors.


Meeting adjourned at approx 9:15

Time / place of next meeting TBD.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Bill Davis Secretary, MSOKC

Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:34 am

 Minutes of Nov. BOD mtg 

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Post Re: Minutes of Nov. BOD mtg
The idea of a state series sounds really cool. I think the name could use work though, "Ohio State" either sounds associated with The Ohio State University (which isn't the case) or is just redundant, just go with Ohio.

Tue Nov 25, 2014 2:05 am

 Minutes of Nov. BOD mtg 
Vice President

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Post Re: Minutes of Nov. BOD mtg
Yeah....I'm not big on the name either. There used to be an Ohio Sprint Series. Why not use that name. That series has been long gone, so I imagine the name is available. jmo

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Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:51 am

 Minutes of Nov. BOD mtg 

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Post Re: Minutes of Nov. BOD mtg
If not, you could just change 'Sprint' to Kart or Karting. Anything along those lines, simple and to the point.

Tue Nov 25, 2014 10:08 pm
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