Revisions to By Laws
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Author:  Bill Davis [ Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Revisions to By Laws

Since our BOD is in a restart mode, the existing revisions are necessary. In an attempt to make the proposal as understandable as possible, in some cases, I quoted the existing verbiage verbatim, italicized and underlined the added change, and "Bolded" text to be deleted.

Article IV
BOD Memberships expire at midnight the last day of the calendar year or at the adjournment of the Annual Awards Banquet, whichever comes last. BOD consists of at least 5 Master Members. Also, 2 alternates, also Master Members, who are activated to vote in place of absent BOD Members. Participate in meetings and create MSOKC policies and GCR’s ( see Article X ), and determine membership dues. Meetings shall be held each month. Special meetings may be called by the President as needed. Can activate committees of BOD members or Club Members or interested individuals as needed for MSOKC business or activities. There must be 5 members present to have a quorum. A simple majority of a quorum shall be required to pass resolutions except where a greater number is provided for in these By-Laws. Robert’s Rules of Order “Newly Revised” will govern all meetings.

Article V
Treasurer – Accounts for MSOKC finances, pays MSOKC debts, and provides a monthly financial report to the Board of Directors. If Applicable, oversees race day payroll and track rental fees. Prepares a semiannual report of all club assets and financial records and presents this to the Board of Directors. Collects membership dues and keeps a current roster of MSOKC members.

Article VI – Elections and Terms of Office:
At the last two (2) races of the season, the President shall ask the membership for BOD volunteers and nominations. The President shall appoint an Election Officer from the membership to gather the nominations and prepare ballots for a general membership vote. The Election Officer shall not be a member nominated for election that year. At the annual awards banquet, the election officer shall prepare ballots, conduct elections among Master Members, tally ballots, and present the results. The Election Officer shall post all results on the MSOKC website. At the first meeting of the new BOD , Club officers will be nominated and then
elected based on majority vote of the BOD members. If, and only if, the BOD has attrition below 5 members, the President may appoint BOD members. Club members who have attended three consecutive meetings may petition to become a BOD member. To be seated, they must receive at least a 2/3's of a secret vote.

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