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 PRESIDENT's Corner article 

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Post PRESIDENT's Corner article
August 14, 2016

It’s been too long, I know, since your President published an article in “The Corner”, but I’m back in the workforce these days and it’s taking me awhile to balance my workload, tryn’ to keep my Clone going, me and Butch doin’ almost all the Club duties
( more on that later ), and keepn’ up with the “Honey do’s”.

Even though we got rained out today ( the Bad news” ), the good news is that four people braved the imminent weather and showed. What is even better about that is that they were all newbies, which shows that we have turned the corner and new people are joining our great sport and had enough interest to head to the track even on a bad day..

I was able to round up some trophies and present to the Junior winners at the previous races and, Guys, you should have seen their reactions. What a “Hoot” ! They are building special trophy cases at home and watching them fill up.

Another good thing was at the race before last, I made an appeal to those present to join the CLUB. One of the people who signed up ( and payed the $20 ) was a Grandma. I told her that she could be a free Associate member since her family/team had already reached the max number of payers, but she said she wanted to help out the Treasury. Thanks , Pat !

Kart count is better than last year but it still needs a boost. 206’s have been 8 – 10 entries. Fertile ground are Juniors. I sent a personal text to 10 Sportsmen and 6 Predator Juniors challenging them to come to the next race. There’s no reason why they can’t attend. That’s all we need is for a bunch of them to show and it will catch fire.

This brings me to what I think is our ( the local track’s ) distinct advantage in Central Ohio Karting. Yes, New Castle may have all the glamour and glitz, but our track ain’t shabby. Steve has been putting in allota time and results are showing. The best thing though is that WE ARE LOCAL. The people who have moved on and up are spending a whole lot of time getting up at 4AM ----- or spending big bucks on Motels/RV’s to get there the night before. Then they have to pay a big entry fee to race. Then race ONE RACE ! Then, pack up at about 6PM since there are so many classes and lug everything back home, unpack the trailer, and get to bed about midnight ( to go back to work the next day.

Here are our “9” ( count em’) “Local Track Advantages”
1. sleep in ‘til about 7:30.
2. Take your time to drive and get to the track at about 9:30.
3. Pay a TWENTY DOLLAR entry fee.
4. Practice all you want until about 11:30.
5. Drivers’ meeting at 11:45.
6. Green Flag at noon !
7. Race THREE races!
8. pack up and be home by 3
9. Enjoy the rest of the day doin’ whatever ya’ want.

All we need is MORE OF YOU out there. !!!! Even with more karts in each race, we will still be able to keep the same time window since whether there are 4 karts or 10 karts in a race, it still takes the same amount of time.

Lastly, I mentioned above that it’s taking allot of Butch’s and my time. Guys, he and I are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicist, and Points Chairman. Three of our 5 BOD members haven’t been coming to meetings and two have resigned. Can’t any of you out there understand that our sport needs you, not only as a racer, but also to make a commitment to pick up some of the BOD work. Think about it, PLEASE!

That’s it for now. I really hope that you will start talking it up amongst yourselves to generate some excitement and get to the next race. Let’s make every effort to make it on the 28th. Also, we’d like to see you at the next BOD meeting ( Check the Forum for time, date, and place )

Best Regards, Bill Davis

Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:14 pm
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