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 Here's the news!! 
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Post Here's the news!!
I am thinking of ways to try and revive our club. since CRP has no interest in racing karts there any longer, I had the idea of running our club at Wilmington Raceway just a little south of Columbus. The track is a nice facility and the owner will greet us with open arms. Most of our club racers are driving 2-3 Hrs to other tracks to race. Wilmington is approx. 40 mins from Columbus. This track has a well stocked kart shop on site, There is concessions available also.

As we all know, especially the 4 cycle Clone racers, that the Low budget , cheap Clone engine turned out to be a big disappointment. The constant rule changes and increased cost, just made it a bad deal for those who wanted to be able to race on a minimal budget. The cylinder head and valve spring of the month...pipe of the month, and engines going from $100. to $1200. dollars. So, With a sour taste, most all Clone racers went to the Briggs LO 206 engine which is the spec engine from Briggs and have their own rule package. The rules has stayed pretty much consistent.

These engines are over $500. plus a header, muffler and clutch...Still not low budget, but cheaper than the Clone engines that we were racing. Now for the news!... There are many tracks in the south using the Predator 212 engine as a low budget, stock class. The rule set is to keep the engine as close to out of box as possible.....I know, I know....the same thing was said about the 196 Clone engine. The rules for the 196 engine were more or less wide open as to too many gray areas with lots of inconsistancys between parts. The new Predators are quite a bit better and consistant in parts than the 196cc clones.

The tracks that are running these engines are very well pleased with them, and kart count is growing. The group is the Southern Predator Group. You can find their rules on Bob's 4 Cycle under the Predator engine section at the top of the page.

Roughly figuring, a racer could have 2 of these engine packages for what one LO206 package would cost....and Harbor Freight now has these 212 Predator engines for $94.00. I would really like to hear some feed back on this, and in hopes of getting MSoKC back up and racing in Central Ohio where we all can have a great race day without spending more time getting to and from the race track than time racing. If there is some interest in this program, I would sure like to hear from you. We set up a Jr. Predator class and would love to have a Sr. Predator class. Let put fun back into kart racing. Would love to see the club having sponsors and our year end banquet again. If you don't want to post here you can always PM me with your ideas and thoughts which all will be taken into consideration.

Thanks for your time reading this.

Butch McCall
MSoKC V.Pres. / Tech Inspector

"It's not in my nature to spend money sparingly when I'm having a good time"

Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:53 pm

 Here's the news!! 

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Post Re: Here's the news!!
As you and I discussed before this post, this is a great idea.

Let's hear it from everyone else .

Thanks, Bill Davis

Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:10 pm
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