Minutes for March 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting
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Author:  B2R [ Mon Mar 30, 2009 2:54 am ]
Post subject:  Minutes for March 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting

Mid State of Ohio Kart Club
Board of Directors Meeting
March 19, 2009
Station House 81 – Commercial Point, Ohio

Call to Order – Paul Lyda called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM and distributed an agenda.

Attendance – In attendance were:

Mike Brannon – Member
Bill Bruce – Member
J. L. Clark – Member
Charlie Hughes – Alternate
Bill Davis – Visitor
Matt Davis – Visitor
Mike Davis – Visitor
Paul Lyda – Member
Jim Martin – Visitor
Bo Strawser – Member
Bob Strawser – Member
Steve Tatman – Member
Lois Vance – Visitor
Greg Wilkinson – Member
Mike Yoerger – Member

There were a total of 15 present, including nine regular board members and one alternate.

Apologies for Absence – Those who had indicated that they were unable to attend the meeting were:

Mike Unger – Member

Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the February 19, 2009, MSOKC Board of Directors meeting were approved as written. Motion – J. L. Clark, Second – Bo Strawser, Vote – Unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report – Greg Wilkinson gave a brief summary of the financial position of the club. He indicated that a total of 16 membership applications had been received for the 2009 season.

Sponsorship Coordinator’s Report – Mike Brannon indicated that three additional paid sponsorships had finalized (DEM Racing, American Power Sports, and Comet Kart Sales). He also indicated that local businesses in South Bloomfield had been contacted, as had several other local suppliers. Mike Brannon agreed to provide Paul Lyda with information required to produce banners and to provide Frank Oyer with website information (ACTION 1).

Post-Race Tech Inspection – Paul Lyda indicated Bill Willis had agreed to be the primary person in charge of post-race tech inspection for two-cycle classes and that Roy Hume had agreed to be his back-up. Bob Strawser had previously agreed to be in charge of post-race tech inspection for four-cycle classes.

MSOKC Website – Paul Lyda indicated that the new MSOKC website and forum was up and running. Several additions/improvements for the new website were discussed, including a countdown timer to MSOKC Race No. 1, sponsor links, uploading the 2009 General Competition Rules, a photo gallery, a race day schedule, etc. Paul Lyda agreed to discuss these with Frank Oyer (ACTION 2). Bill Bruce asked if an area on the new website should be provided for MSOKC board meeting minutes. It was agreed that it would be best if meeting minutes were posted on the ‘MSOKC – General’ section of the forum.

MSOKC Club Spec Tires – Mike Brannon asked about local suppliers of Bridgestone YHC tires. Paul Lyda indicated that DEM Racing (Matt Milless), MaxSpeed Karting (Greyson Eves and Bob McConnell), and Circleville Karts and Parts (Bob Strawser) would all supply tires to some extent. Paul Lyda also indicated that he had been in touch with the North American distributor for Bridgestone kart tires (Keith Ferber at Margay) pertaining to a rebate arrangement similar to 2008 for supporting the season-ending banquet.

KartWorks Pre-Season Seminars – Paul Lyda asked if preparations for the next pre-season karting seminar (March 21 – Chassis Set-Up and Data Acquisition) were in order. Steve Tatman indicated that he would check with the hotel. It was agreed that the previous seminar (February 21 – Engine Prep for the Season by Bill Willis) was excellent.

Formula 1 Start for Race No. 4 – Details for the standing start for all classes for Race No. 4 on May 31, 2009, were discussed. In particular, the merits of a true Formula 1 line-up (e.g., as is currently used for shifter kart classes) versus a LeMans style line-up (e.g., as is currently used at the Commercial Point Grand Prix) were debated. It was agreed that a true Formula 1 line-up should be used unless problems become apparent, after which a LeMans style line-up should be used.

Feature Winner Stickers for 2009 – Paul Lyda passed around a ballot with proposed designs for MSOKC feature race winner stickers for 2009.

Race-Day Personnel – Paul Lyda indicated that race-day personnel assignments had been mostly taken care of except that a scale-house worker was still needed. J. L. Clark agreed to coordinate the recruitment effort for this position (ACTION 3).

Track Clean-Up Day – Paul Lyda asked if a track clean-up day was required. Steve Tatman indicated that the track was in good shape and that a clean-up day was not required.

Entry Fees and Pit Passes for 2009 – It was agreed that race entry fees should remain at $30 for the 2009 season (except for Kid Karts, which should remain at $10). Steve Tatman indicated that the price for Pit Passes would remain unchanged, also. Details of how entry fees are exchanged for race-day personnel pay (corner workers, etc.) were discussed.

Next Meeting – The next board meeting will take place Thursday, April 16, 2009, beginning at 7:00 PM at Station House 81 in Commercial Point, Ohio.

Actions – The following is a list of action items from the meeting:

1. Mike Brannon to provide Paul Lyda with information required to produce sponsor banners and to provide Frank Oyer with website information.

2. Paul Lyda to discuss additions/improvements for the new website with Frank Oyer.

3. J. L. Clark to coordinate the recruitment of a scale-house worker.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:20 PM.

Bill Bruce
MSOKC Board of Directors

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