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 Odds and Ends you'll need at the race track. 
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Post Odds and Ends you'll need at the race track.
I had posted this a while back but it must have gotten lost because I can't find it. Here are some things that I have in my trailer to go racing.


Here are some odds and ends to make karting more bearable:

Tire breaker, or bead breaker
Rolls of tape-clear tape, duct tape, electrical tape.
Silicone spray for mounting tires
WD-40, Can’t live without it
Bleche White, good cleaner of gunk and grease
Scotchbrite pads, use to clean rust from pipes, and carbon from piston
Carb cleaner
Brake Kleen
Formula 409, Mr. Klean, or Simple Green
Marvel Mystery Oil, use to lube just about everything
Oil can for Mystery Oil, or little squirt bottle
Measuring cup to measure at least 12oz.
Silicone RTV, a tube of the red stuff
Several rolls of paper towels
Hand cleaner
Lapping compound
Never seize compound
Brake fluid-DOT 5

Tools you will need:

Wrenches- 3/8, 7/16(two are useful), ½(two) , 9/16, also metric set
Sockets(I use deep well for everything) see above sizes
Socket extension(short)
3/8 drive ratchet
Set of Allen head T-Handles, US and metric
Set of regular Allens
Wire cutters or side cuts
Razor knife, scissors
Locking Pliers(vise grips)
Channel Locks
Regular pliers
Assorted screw drivers w/ one small blade
Drill bits and drill
Ballpeen hammer
Flat file and round file
Safety wire
Small flashlight

Nylon cable ties
Spare spark plugs
3/8(in lb.) Torque wrench
Quality air pressure gauge
Note book
Ear Plugs
First aid kit
Engine oil
Fuel Jug, I suggest plastic, they don’t rust.
Assortment of hose clamps
A few feet of fuel line, Tygon is the best
Funnel(two, one for fuel and one for oil)
Siphon pump, for draining fuel tank
Feeler gauges
Stop watch
Umbrella and tarp, or fitted kart cover
One important item is a fire extinguiser

I’m sure this doesn’t cover everything you need, but as you go, you’ll find extra items you will need.

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