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 Minutes for February 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting 

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Post Minutes for February 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting
Original Author: Bruce Brothers Racing

Mid State of Ohio Kart Club
Board of Directors Meeting
February 19, 2009
Station House 81 – Commercial Point, Ohio

Call to Order – Pail Lyda called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM and distributed an agenda.

Attendance – In attendance were:

Heather Brannon – Visitor
Mike Brannon – Member
Bill Bruce – Member
J. L. Clark – Member
Joe Foley – Alternate
Paul Lyda – Member
Matt Milless – Visitor
Bo Strawser – Member
Bob Strawser – Member
Matt Tangeman – Visitor
Heath Tatman – Visitor
Steve Tatman – Member
Greg Wilkinson – Member
Mike Yoerger – Member

There were a total of 14 present, including nine regular board members and one alternate.

Apologies for Absence – Those who had indicated that they were unable to attend the meeting were:

Mike Unger – Member

Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the January 15, 2009, MSOKC Board of Directors meeting were approved as written. Motion – Bo Strawser, Second – Bob Strawser, Vote – Unanimously approved.

Treasurers Report – Greg Wilkinson indicated that he had acquired all of the pertinent information from Susan Dolby and had closed out the previous bank account and opened a new account. He then summarized the financial position of the club. He indicated that a number of membership dues had been collected at the first pre-season karting seminar and that a check had been written for the deposit on the banquet facility.

Sponsorship Coordinator’s Report – Mike Brannon indicated that seven sponsorships had finalized (four paid and three in-kind) and that several more information packets had been sent. He also asked that others with ideas for additional companies that might be interested in sponsorship opportunities to please let him know (ACTION 1).

MSOKC Charter – Bill Bruce indicated he had distributed the draft of the MSOKC charter following the January meeting and that he had revised the draft to incorporate Paul Lyda’s comments since then. Paul Lyda indicated that the charter now appeared to be in order and was ready to be approved. Motion – Steve Tatman, Second – Bob Strawser, Vote – Unanimously approved. Bill Bruce provided a copy of the charter to Greg Wilkinson to provide to the bank.

MSOKC Website – Paul Lyda indicated that the current server would no longer be available at the end of February. He reported that Frank Oyer had the development work for the new website, which will also incorporate the discussion forum, just about complete. Frank Oyer had also indicated that he would not be able to populate the new forum with the existing user information and posts, so the new forum will be starting off from scratch. Paul Lyda indicated that he thought the new website would be running before the old server became unavailable. Several ideas for the new website were discussed, including a countdown timer to MSOKC Race No. 1.

Updates to General Competition Rules – Paul Lyda invited discussion pertaining to the updated GCRs that he had distributed following the January meeting, beginning with discussion pertaining to ‘Associate Members.’ This has traditionally meant anyone who is an immediate family member of a ‘Master Member.’ Paul Lyda asked if we should consider revising this to include only dependents of Master Members. Bob Strawser indicated that he thought that WKA had no age limit or dependency requirement for Associate Members. It was agreed that MSOKC should comply with WKA. Paul Lyda agreed to check this and would leave the requirement unchanged if this was the case.

Regarding rules for the TaG class, Paul Lyda clarified that MSOKC would follow WKA rules except that MSOKC specific weights would be specified. For these MSOKC specific weights, TaG USA rules would be used as a guideline. Bo Strawser asked about weight requirements for the Sonic VX engine, which is not included in TaG USA rules. Paul Lyda indicated that the weight difference between the Sonic VX and the Sonic TX in WKA rules would be used as a guideline. Engine rules and weight requirements for the Biland four-stroke engine were discussed next. It was agreed that, if someone with this or some other engine not covered by the current rules wanted to participate in MSOKC events, requirements would be established on an as-needed basis.

KartWorks Pre-Season Seminars – Paul Lyda asked if preparations for the next pre-season karting seminar (February 21 – Engine Prep for the Season) were in order. Steve Tatman indicated that he would lead the seminar in Mike Unger’s absence and that the guest speakers would be Bill Willis and Bob Strawser. Greg Wilkinson indicated that he would be present to collect membership dues and fees.

Race Day Format – J. L. suggested that at least one MSOKC event in 2009 should involve a standing start. After some discussion, it was agreed that Race No. 4 on May 31, 2009, should use a Formula 1 style start for all classes. Motion – Greg Wilkinson, Second – Bo Strawser, Vote – Unanimously approved.

Post-Race Tech Inspection – Paul Lyda invited discussion pertaining to personnel for post-race tech inspection for two-cycle classes. J. L. Clark suggested that Roy Hume would be a good candidate. Paul Lyda indicated that Bill Willis had also been mentioned previously. J. L. Clark agreed to discuss this with Roy Hume (ACTION 2) and Paul Lyda agreed to discuss this with Bill Willis (ACTION 3).

Race-Day Personnel – Personnel for scale-house, timing and scoring, registration, grid, and corner workers was discussed next. Steve Tatman indicated that Dolly had agreed to do timing and scoring and registration, and that Beth Hopkins had agreed to be present at Race No. 1 to help with the transition process. Matt Milless indicated that whoever was going to do pre-race safety inspection should also be responsible for paint marking tires and engine components.

Rear Bumper Rule – Bo Strawser suggested that the MSOKC rear bumper rule for two-cycle karts that had been implemented the January meeting should be reconsidered. He indicated that other local clubs and events, including OVKA, KRA and the CPGP, had elected not to enforce the use of full-width rear bumpers for the 2009 season and that an MSOKC rear bumper rule would discourage others from participating in MSOKC events. J. L. Clark supported this position. Joe Foley indicated that shifter karts should not have been included in this rule from the beginning since they are not regulated by WKA. Bill Bruce indicated that some members may have already purchased rear bumpers and would be displeased if the previous decision was overturned. He indicated that some local suppliers (e.g., MaxSpeed and McCall) had already purchased inventory in preparation for the new rule. A round-table survey of all present was conducted, with many being in favor of overturning the rule. Motion – J. L. Clark, Second – Joe Foley, Vote – Approved with six votes for (J. L. Clark, Joe Foley, Bo Strawser, Bob Strawser, Steve Tatman, and Mike Yoerger) and four votes against (Bill Bruce, Mike Brannon, Paul Lyda, and Greg Wilkinson).

Next Meeting – The next board meeting will take place Thursday, March 19, 2009, beginning at 7:00 PM at Station House 81 in Commercial Point, Ohio.

Actions – The following is a list of action items from the meeting:

1. Board members to let Mike Brannon know of ideas for additional companies that might be interested in MSOKC sponsorship opportunities.

2. J. L. Clark to discuss post-race tech inspection for two-cycle classes with Roy Hume.

3. Paul Lyda to discuss post-race tech inspection for two-cycle classes with Bill Willis.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:05 PM.

Bill Bruce
MSOKC Board of Directors

Thu Feb 26, 2009 8:04 pm

 Minutes for February 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting 

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Post Re: Minutes for February 2009 MSOKC BOD Meeting
Original Author: Jack Reall

FYI: WKA requires family members to become Master Members upon renewal after their 18th Bday.


Thu Feb 26, 2009 8:09 pm
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