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If you've been around racing at all you know karting is the training ground that develops winners. The Mid State Ohio Kart Club is proud to be the Central Ohio's largest active sprint kart racing organization.

Our members will be competing at several tracks in the Midwest this season. Real head down, wheel-to-wheel, bugs-on-your-visor, gut-check racing.

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Bill Davis - President - MSOKC

15 Oct 2015

It's been awhile since I posted an article here but I have been submitting the minutes of the BOD meetings and several items in the Forum that I hope you've been reading. For example, I just posted an idea for a sign to attract drivers-by to come in to spectate and eventually draw them in to join our great sport.

As of this date, there have been one thousand one hundred and twelve viewers of the "Where Have all the Young Girls Gone" post. I think it's great that there have been so many readers but I wish there were more comments and suggestions. Just the limited feedback, though, is an indication in and of itself of what is really going on. As I stated in the post, most people just moved on and up; e.g. three of our past presidents, my own family, Mike, Matt, Senna, and Riley included. Nothing wrong with this. It's the normal progression of Karting specifically and sports in general. The critical issue though is that we haven't had many new entrants. We, the Club, have asked track management to improve the facility to attract new people. They have pretty much indicated that they are making continuous improvements ( see my recent post , "Support your local Sherriff/Track" ), but it looks like it's "What you see is what you're gonna get." It's good that Steve is seriously considering a significant reduction in race fees, which, along with several other new ideas I'll present below, will serve to bring people back and attract newbies.

The greatest impact for next year though will be the possible reintroduction of MSOKC to the track and probable rerenaming of the track to "Circleville Raceway Park." About mid season this year, as documented on the BOD minutes, 23 TSS management attended our meeting and asked that we encourage racers, aligned with MSOKC or not, to resume racing at the track. Steve and Eric are seriously considering letting the club next year reassume the major role of promoting and organizing the races, head up the points system, and host the end-of-year awards banquet.

John Fox and Mike Yoerger and Rocky Johnson have continued to support the track this past season. John, Butch McCall, Matt, and I ( as well as many of you out there ) have had good talks with Steve. What is being considered, as noted in the Aug. and Sept. BOD minutes is that the track will continue to operate and staff the races but next year, as opposed to this passed season, the Club would set the schedule, Classes, Points, Sponsors, and Awards Banquet. John has pointed out to Steve that CRP is a local track that doesn't provide the amenities and facilities like New Castle and Camden. To compete with them, he needs to lower the race fees. Steve is seriously considering this as well as many other proposals that John, Butch, and I reviewed with him recently.

Jim Conlin and I also talked recently. We discussed the lack of Junior class drivers. In 2014, not counting the great showing of KidKarts, there were a total of only six drivers spread across Sportsman Rookie, Sportsman and Yamaha Junior. This year, 2015, all the Kids moved on to Camden and New Castle , where, by the way, they wreaked havoc as the "Five Kolumbus Kids" ( that's Columbus with a "K" ) taking almost all the steps on the winners' podium almost every week. But, as far as races at Circleville, attendance was almost nil.

Jim and I have also concluded that we need to make a full scale push to recruit and cultivate Juniors and grow our Club from the ground up. Where I think we are going with this is that, as mentioned in the " Where Have all the Young Girls Gone? " article, most old members are gone and not coming back. So I'm thinking that it's almost as if we need to start the Club all over again ( Unless you, the readers of this article, get reenergized and you do come back ).

So, the first Action Item is to develop a proposal and have the BOD endorse it at next week's BOD meeting. So that you are privy to it, that Proposal will be stated in its entirety in the BOD minutes. ( as an aside, it's very important that you out there pay attention to the attendees to that meeting as an indication of THEIR commitment to the survival and success of the Club next year. ) The Proposal then needs to be submitted to and agreed to by Steve. Two major cornerstones of that agreement are that the track will reduce entry fees as mentioned above and also that the track will staff and pay the major workers: Gate, Registration, Tower, Flagman, and ( maybe) Race Director.

Next, I think Jim Conlin's idea of posting signs throughout the area stating, "GoKart Racing Organization meeting Nov. 12 - Drivers 5 to 15 years old - MSOKC.org". No, I'm not cutting out Seniors, but I think we'll get kids excited first and Senior guys will show up too.

Now, this is going to take allot of effort and work and I'm really counting on you out there, both members of the present BOD and racers and people interested in karting to step up and help out. Your Vice President, Butch, has been doing much of the heavy lifting along with me recently but we need help. So, let us know that you are in and offer what you can do to help to ( as stated as the purpose of MSOKC in our ByLaws ) "Promote Karting in Central Ohio".


Bill Davis
President - MSOKC

Cell/Text 740 364 8013

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