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If you've been around racing at all you know karting is the training ground that develops winners. The Mid State Ohio Kart Club is proud to be the Central Ohio's largest active sprint kart racing organization.

Our members will be competing at several tracks in the Midwest this season. Real head down, wheel-to-wheel, bugs-on-your-visor, gut-check racing.

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Bill Davis - President - MSOKC

25 July 2015

I can see by the number of "hits" that many, many of you people out there are reading posts in the MSOKC General Section - an amazing 289 reader of the " Where have all the Young Girls Gone ? " Looks like I hit a good nerve to attract all those who clicked on that article. LOL.

At this time, only a couple of days after posting the minutes of the BOD Meeting, there were just 31 hits of the Minutes, so I'm really hoping that there are going to be many more of you who will take the time to study that one -- and I do mean "study"; since, first it is long, and secondly, it contains a great deal of insight as to the future existence ( yes, I do mean existence ) of asphalt road course racing in Central Ohio.

There is a great deal of info and thought expressed in both the "Where Have ---" article and in the July BOD minutes, so I don't intend to repeat them all here, but I am appealing to everyone to express your ideas about how to salvage this grave ( average 23TSS kart count 12 to 15 ) situation.

My greatest concern as expressed in the two posts mentioned is the absence of newbies. If 23TSS continues to operate the track next year or if the track management invites MSOKC back next year, the absence of new people is related to the above appeal for feedback. What needs to change ?

You out there as part of the "Silent Majority" need to make yourself heard and known. And what is really important is, you need to get involved. Just expressing "Yadado's" ( you ought to do this and do that ) won't count. That's part of the reason why we got to where we are now. Only a few people really got involved, strapped on their boots, volunteered to take on projects, and did the work. Butch mentioned this in his message, citing OVKA's good example of member participation. At OVKA events, you see several people actively involved in running the event. And yes, there needs to be a product, an attractive racing facility at CRP, to get people to want to come and enjoy a fun time of racing.

So, again, let's hear from all the names in RED ( reference the "Where Have ---- " article and ALL other people who raced at Circleville - and are interested enough to be reading this. If you all are going to count on the other guy to do it for you, he may be counting on you. If neither one of you responds or gets involved, there might be only "one man left standing" ; and, there just isn't much fun racing yourself.


Bill Davis
President - MSOKC

Cell/Text 740 364 8013

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