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If you've been around racing at all you know karting is the training ground that develops winners. The Mid State Ohio Kart Club is proud to be the Central Ohio's largest active sprint kart racing organization.

Our members will be competing at several tracks in the Midwest this season. Real head down, wheel-to-wheel, bugs-on-your-visor, gut-check racing.

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Bill Davis - President - MSOKC

17 Jan 2015

At yesterday's Board of Directors meeting, Butch McCall and I were elected to lead our Club for the new year, me as the President and Butch as Vice President. Matt, longtime member and previous President agreed to serve and was elected to wear both the Treasurer and Secretary hats. The entire BOD was seated :

1. Bill Davis - President
2. Butch McCall - Vice President
3. Mat Davis - Sec and Treas
4. Chris Ianniello
5. Greg Wilkinson
6. Mike Yoerger
7. John Fox
8. Mike Davis
9. Steve Schobert
10. John Grim

We all look forward to carrying out the PURPOSE of the Club as clearly stated in Article II of the Club Bylaws ; "Organize, Promote, and Advance karting activities within the mid-Ohio region. " Thank you...


Bill Davis
President - MSOKC

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